MyTPC is our church management software, designed to help us better serve you.  We have partnered with Church Community Builder to interact with our members in a much more personal way.  We will now have a more streamlined communication tool so that everyone is always current with what’s going on at church as well as keeping in touch with the leaders and staff at Turning Point.

We encourage you to login to the new system and confirm your information is current.

Simply click here to visit MyTPC.

If you have any questions or concerns, check out the FAQ’s below or feel free to call the church office at 409-769-8818. We are happy to provide any help to make this transition easy for you! Thank you so much or being a part of our great church!

FAQ's. . . . . . .

What is church management software?
Church management software allows churches to create an online community for  their  members and staff.  It provides personalized options for members to update information, communicate with people/groups they are involved with, simplify online giving along with access to contribution statements throughout the year.

How will this benefit you?

By keeping us updated with your current information, we can better serve you.  If you're involved in any way at TPC, this tool will help you serve more effectively.  This also allows you to personalize your preferences for receiving communications from the church.

Do I have to log in to myTPC?
We encourage you to take a few minutes and become a part of our online church community.  This is a simple process and we are here to help you with any questions or concerns you might have.  Because we now offer online giving through "myTPC", your contribution statements will only be accessible through this software.